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Spring Academies

2019 Spring Academies have ended. For to get information about 2020 Spring Academies programs or register to programs, you can contact us.

Autumn Academies

During the last ten years a significant academic literature in Kurdish has been produced. The Autumn Academy has been organised with the purpose of making this Kurdish academic literature more visible and well known to young researchers, scholars and students.

For participation

(0212) 245 81 43

Get Information

(0212) 245 81 43
The İsmail Beşikci Foundation, which believes in the importance of working and producing together, organises joint activities with many universities, civil society organisations and publishers.

The intention of this cooperation is to contribute to works produced in the field of Kurdish studies, enabling them to reach a broader audience, and increasing interaction and cooperation between institutions.

Reading Workshops

For detailed information and registration about the Reading Workshops organized by İsmail Beşikci Foundation, you can reach the registration form via the button below.

Under the motto ‘Let’s read together and learn together’, the IBV organises reading workshops under the direction of a moderator where various academic disciplines and themes are subjected to systematic, in-depth, critical readings and discussions. These workshops, for 10 to 15 participants, are open to anyone, in particular undergraduate and post-graduate students. Advance registration is essential.

The İsmail Beşikci Foundation offers a venue to civil society organisations, trade associations, initiatives and individuals that work for the benefit of human rights, democracy and the public good.

In order to use İBV’s terrace space for meetings and panel discussions the form at this link must be filled and sent with two references to info@ismailbesikcivakfi.org at least 1 month in advance of the planned event . Applications will be responded to within two weeks.

İsmail Beşikci Foundation

The İsmail Beşikci Foundation (İsmail Beşikci Vakfı-İBV) was established in Istanbul in 2011 to perpetuate the name, work and struggle of Dr. İsmail Beşikci, who has dedicated his life to Kurdish studies, the freedom to express critical opinions, and the defence of academic freedoms.









You may be a donator or volunteer of the İsmail Beşikci Foundation


İsmail Beşikci

You can reach detailed information about İsmail Beşikçi’s life, publications and other topics you may wonder using the links below.

İBV Publications

İBV Publications began in 2013 with the publication of 16 books by İsmail Beşikci which were then no longer available in print.

İBV Research Library

Our Foundation has a library of books, newspapers and magazines that İsmail Beşikci has accumulated for many years.

Journal of Kurdish History

Kurdish History Magazine, which started in publication in 2012, has been published by our foundation starting from 28th issue.

Get detailed information about our activities.