Spring and Autumn Academies

İBV’s Spring and Autumn Academies have been organised to transmit existing research in the field of Kurdish studies to young academics, researchers and students. With its Academy programme, the foundation aims to implement its vision of an institution that disseminates knowledge in the field of Kurdish studies to reach a broad section of society.

The Spring Academy is in Turkish and the Autumn Academy is in Kurdish. The aim of the bilingual Academy program is to make current academic developments, debates and academic literature on Kurdish studies available to young researchers with a view to encouraging and supporting the production of new research.

Spring Academies

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to carry out research on Kurdish studies in Turkish universities, to follow courses in that field, or to discuss it. The Spring Academy overcomes this difficulty by introducing academics and researchers in this field to interested undergraduate and post-graduate students. The academy consists of seminars over a 7 – 8 week period. 30 undergraduate and post-graduate students will be accepted annually on the Academy, to be held at İBV’s Istanbul building. The programme language will be Turkish. Participants who complete the programme will be presented with a certificate.

Autumn Academies

During the last ten years a significant academic literature in Kurdish has been produced. The Autumn Academy has been organised with the purpose of making this Kurdish academic literature more visible and well known to young researchers, scholars and students. These Academies will be organised to commence every October and to continue for 7-8 weeks with Kurdish (Kurmanjî, Kırdkî and, potentially, Soranî) seminars.

The Academy will be held at the İBV building and attended by 30 undergraduate and post-graduate students annually. Those accepted on the programme must be able to read and write Kurdish to a high standard. Those completing the programme will be presented with a certificate.